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Safe is pregnant women fast during Ramadan? There is no definite answer can apply to all pregnant women. For each condition of pregnant women differently. Various studies showed different results regarding the effects of fasting against the baby in the womb.

Guide To Fast Safely While Pregnant, So That Mother And Baby Stay Healthy - Waras Info

Actually pregnant women are not obliged to fast when Ramadan. expectant mothers can then replace fasting at other times or in the form of alms. However, some pregnant women still choose to fast. So actually secure is fasting while pregnant? If still confused, check out my guide here.

The influence of Fasting on a baby in the Womb

The fast is generally will not bring negative effects on babies in the womb, during pregnant women exist in the condition of healthy and keep sufficient daily nutrients requirement properly. Changes in the balance of chemicals in the blood while fasting is generally also does not harm the baby in the womb.

One study showed, the baby from the mother who fast while pregnant does not show a difference score APGAR baby after birth. This score is the result of tests performed on newborns, namely, examination of skin color, muscle tone, reflex ability activity, heart rate, and breathing baby.

However, other research shows that there is the possibility of lower birth weight, especially if the fast run in the early trimester of pregnancy. It's just the difference that occurs is very small, and are not classified as significant.

On pregnant women who had normal weight and healthy lifestyle, generally fasting will only slightly affect the health condition, because pregnant women have a spare nutrients needed a baby in the womb. However, before the fasting we recommend that pregnant women considering a health condition in General, gestational age and how many hours of fasting should be done.

For pregnant women with health problems, such as anemia or diabetes gestasional, should consult first with the doctor before deciding to fast.

Fasting Tips While Pregnant

The body of pregnant women need energy during fasting, so was the baby in the womb. This is the reason for fasting while pregnant need powered weight loss and a healthy lifestyle, even before getting pregnant. Well, so expectant mothers can comfortably while fasting the month of Ramadan, there are guidelines that can be followed.

  • Limit the drinks contain caffeine

It's good pregnant women stop consuming caffeinated beverages, such as coffee and tea, before the fast begins. This is useful to prevent the headache that may be felt due to the sudden stop drinking caffeinated beverages. Beware also of other food or drinks containing caffeine, such as chocolate. The consumption of caffeine while pregnant are advised not more than 200 mg or less than 2 cups of instant coffee a day. In addition, caffeine also make pregnant women more at risk of experiencing dehydration.

  • Make the food agenda

To check the adequacy of nutrition, pregnant women can try to make the food agenda with noted the menu and any food consumed each day. This entry may also help doctors, particularly if pregnant women experience diabetes gestasional.

  • Sufficient drinking water needs

If the fasting month falls during the dry season, then bumil need enough mineral water when eating Suhoor and breaking to prevent dehydration.

  • Meet healthy nutrient intake

Eating enough vegetables and fruit can meet the needs of essential nutrients while pregnant, such as iron. Select food Suhoor and Iftar that release energy slowly, such as complex carbohydrates such as whole grain and fiber-rich foods, such as vegetables. The combination can be a healthy food choice for pregnant women during fasting.

Should pregnant women avoid or reduce eating foods with high sugar levels, Yes. Foods high in sugar levels that increase the blood sugar levels quickly and can also go down quickly, so pregnant women thus become more quickly fatigued. Don't forget nutrition for babies in the womb such as nuts, eggs, and meat.

  • Avoid eating in a hurry

The time of breaking the fast, eating and drinking slowly, Yes, pregnant women. Such as starting with a small glass of fresh juice or ice with, then recently resumed eating snacks, or start eating slowly bit by bit. This is because the digestive system work more slowly during Lent.

  • More frequent breaks

If pregnant women working while pregnant Office and fasting, maybe pregnant women need to consider more frequent pauses. Try to set the time properly, and communicate well on superiors.

  • Restrict activity

pregnant women who fast tend to have higher cortisol stress hormones than not fasting. Preferably, avoid situations that may cause Bumil stress. In addition, we recommend that pregnant women avoid carrying heavy objects or walking away.

Receive the help that relieve the work or activity. Should remain indoors if the weather is hot or wherever possible avoid heavy exercise during the fast.

Conditions to look out for When pregnant women Fast

Although pregnant women are eager to fast, there are certain conditions that cause Bumil need immediate Iftar or check with your doctor immediately, including:

  • Experiencing nausea and vomiting.
  • Dehydrated, with signs to feel extremely thirsty, lethargic, less urination, urine becomes dark and flavorful.
  • Experienced fever, headache, irregular heartbeat, or stomach cramps
  • Resembling a contraction pain can be a sign of preterm labor.

If the above things happen, pregnant women are able to Iftar soon first by drinking water containing sugar and salt or fluid rehydration. Then, immediately saw a doctor.

So the pregnant woman to fast or not, we recommend that you look at the health conditions first, Yes. For pregnant women with weight loss and a healthy lifestyle, is expected to follow the guidelines, will stay healthy during worship. However, for pregnant women who have certain health conditions, need to be more careful if want fast while pregnant. pregnant women are advised consultation with a doctor for its decision.

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