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Retirement can be spent playing with grandkids, streets, or open a small business. In order to live the retirement with a healthy, prosperous, and happy, try reading some of the following tips.

Enjoy A Wonderful Retirement - Waras info

If well planned, retirement can be a productive and happy period. Plan how you can continue to live a healthy lifestyle with a standard that is equal to or even higher than that now. In addition to financially, the preparation also needs to be done so that you're ready physically and emotionally.

A healthy financial condition
People often worry whether they've gathered enough funds to retire, especially for health costs. Therefore, the preparation of pension funds thus should already be started once a person starts working. The following are some ways that you can do to prepare yourself financially.

Calculate the cost of living while retired.

How much it costs you need each month to be able to live comfortably after you stop working? Some people are just saving without knowing how big the need per month. So it could be that when retirement came, it turned out that his savings are not enough to meet his needs.

Select Save or invest?

Some companies provide facilities for employees to save pension funds. If not, you can benefit from the Pension Fund of bank products or life insurance.

However, the mere saving or saving money in the form of deposits make the funds you just lose to inflation. Using a long-term investment vehicle 10-20 year, such as mutual funds, can make your funds grow. Towards retirement, investment products after you started the previous years have been fruitful, you may consider other alternative investment products with lower risk.

To calculate the shortfall needs of pension funds, you need to take into account the rest of Your productive age to enter retirement age. The calculations can be done with calculators Fund days old.

Estimate and plan a lifestyle in retirement.

To design budget costs in retirement, you need to imagine how you live daily activity when it's not working. The budget doesn't have to be high. The following are some of the things that can be done to minimize expenses.

  • Consuming foods and within budget. Healthy food doesn't have to be expensive. Fresh vegetable and fruit instead for either consumed more often. More local fruit for sale in due season is usually worth more affordable than imported fruit. Grow vegetables themselves can also be a fun activity profitable.
  • Exercise regularly at no cost. You don't have to pay a membership fee of hundreds of thousands per month in the fitness center. Walking and cycling with fellow elderly (elderly) may be activities that keep the body stay in shape at the same time can motivate each other. You can also join the community or gathering of elderly who routinely do gymnastics every week or every Few hospitals and clinics sometimes also organized gymnastics for the elderly that are open to the public.
  • Take advantage of the discounted price. Many special discounts for the elderly provided by various institutions. For example, a discount for traveling by train remotely and medium or a free bus ride around the city. By making use of this facility, the elderly can save on the cost of living.

Physical Health Superfine
In addition to exercise and move on, there are several things you can do to support the body's health after retirement.

Have health insurance.

Even though the premium charged may be very large, but if you do not have health insurance, it is never too late to register. You can also access the Service Agency organizer of social security and health care provided by the Government.

Keep taking any medication/vitamins.

Do not reduce your expenses for the purchase of drugs or supplements for the sake of an effort save money or save more. If you lack certain vitamins or minerals and the modified diet has not been sufficient nutrition needs, buy the supplements according to your needs. Consult a doctor if you are in doubt or need further instructions.

Health checks on a regular basis.

Do not let the disease get you can't enjoy a day old. The detection of potential health disorders as early as possible. The following are some health tests that might be recommended a doctor when you enter the 50 's.
  • Check the weight. Overweight risk bringing in many diseases. So too with a heavy body dropping drastically, it can be an indication of dangerous diseases.
  • Routinely checking blood pressure. Blood pressure is the most visible indicator as early detection of various chronic diseases such as kidney and heart disorders.
  • Checking cholesterol levels and sugar in the blood for at least 3 years, except for those who are at risk of having high blood sugar or cholesterol. You may need to do more routine.
  • Preliminary examination to detect potential cancer.
  • Examination of the thyroid hormone. Aging can slow down the work of the gland that produces hormones metabolism is particularly on women aged above 45 years old.
  • Plug anal examinations to detect colon cancer and prostate cancer in men. In addition, colonoscopy can also be performed to detect colon cancer.
  • Special examination for women: pap smear and cervical checkups for women, especially those under age 65 don't forget also to undergo examination by mammogram and breast examination.
  • Eye check every 2 years. After the age of 60, the eye should be checked each year.
  • Check whether Your immunization is complete. It's never too late to get a hepatitis a vaccine if your small moment have never got it. Ask the doctor what immunisations, which need to be updated.
Sufficient rest

The ability to stress concentration proceeds from adequate rest. Retirement is the perfect time to better get used to sleep and wake up at the same hour, without haste or necessity of overtime.

Avoid bad habits

Smoking causes premature aging and make you more at risk of having a variety of chronic diseases. So too with the consumption of alcoholic beverages and caffeinated drinks in excess.

Physical health can make the elderly awake live life more convenient and efficient.

Emotional Health
Not just in terms of its physical and financial preparation needs to be done so that stress is not emotionally went after retirement.

Activity plan

For some, retirement is the eagerly awaited because it can move freely without the routine of the Office. But for others, freedom can mean boredom and felt it no longer needed. Start your plan the activities you want to do it later so that retirement means being enjoyable, and productive.

Train your brain

Brain gymnastics is as important as your physical exercising. Play cards, read, watch football, are activities that can keep the brain health and sharpness of mind and your memory.


Join the religious community can make a calm soul at the same time provides an opportunity to gather and discuss with others. Research proves that social relations are also useful to prevent depression.

Everyone had its own dream of going to retirement. But more important is to realize the purpose and meaning of life.

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